About Me


Firstly, thank you for looking at my blog.  These stories and opinions are my own and I’d love to read any comments you have, regardless of whether you agree with me or not.

I’m a fifty-something father of two from South Yorkshire.  I run a software company making computer systems for the waste industry.  I’m very proud of the company and enthusiastic about what I do, but I’m the first to admit it isn’t a riveting topic of conversation.

In my spare time I am a non-practising guitarist, Jamie Oliver impersonator, gym-avoider, amateurish photographer and enjoy long walks apologising for my dogs.

Waste and Recycling

I am the CEO of Bartec Municipal Technologies, a company working in the municipal recycling and environment sector to modernise the way we deal with waste.

Since joining the business as a software developer (employee #2) in 1995 we’ve grown it to almost 40 people. Now 1 in 3 British local authorities use our tech and expertise to make their services better, safer and more effective.

The pace of change is both fascinating and frustrating! We could and should be doing so much more to reduce, reuse and recycle the products we use. Our work is often at the intersection of technology, politics and ambition, in a constant quest to get all three aligned for long enough to make progress.

Food and Drink

I love to eat good food, and sometimes really bad food too. Once-in-a-lifetime fine dining experiences or the guilty pleasure of a Double Whopper; it’s all good! Either way I’ll be snapping pictures of my plate so I can attempt to reconstruct the dish at home.