Sony Xperia X1

I wrote recently about my dream smartphone, wondering if it would every really exist. A friend just sent me info on¬†this¬†gorgeous wee beast. I’m a self-confessed Sony fan and I reckon this would just about fit the bill perfectly. It will no doubt be priced for its target market (i.e. pretty high).

In my view, Apple have really missed a trick by locking the iPhone into a single-network contract. This effectively closes a large section of the corporate market, where the execs want a stylish and powerful tool for email and web – exactly what the iPhone is good at. If Sony deliver a device that works they will be on a real winner with this. Putting a stylish user interface on the front of Windows Mobile 6 could be an inspired move that lets big corporates run their own software without making the X1 a dull business-only tool.

I want one….

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