A Few Days in San Francisco

We weren’t here for long, but we really made the most of it.

The first thing to do is to marvel at the streets. They really are steep and driving here for the first time (especially after a long haul flight) is a bit daunting.

The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic sight, straddling the entrance to the harbour. It would be very weird to visit San Francisco without seeing it (as weird as going to Los Angeles and being unable to find the Hollywood sign….).

The other “don’t miss” attraction for the San Francisco first-timer is Alcatraz. The notorious prison is now a tourist attraction and it’s one of the best tours we’ve taken. You obviously cannot do this anywhere else and it’s fascinating and horrifying in equal measure.

A little less obvious for the tourist bucket list is the Botanical Gardens. It’s a lovely walk even if you ignore the plants and wildlife and a great place to just soak up some Californian sun and relax.